Why use Code Chateau?

Building upon 10+ years experience of building Android apps, Code Chateau is the perfect choice for companies wishing to provide delightful mobile experiences.

Android specialist

Code Chateau has 10+ years of Android platform development experience - almost as old as Android itself. We're very aware of the platform's strengths - and gotchas. This means we can hit the ground running on your project.


We celebrate the diversity of people and believe in the power of working together. We work with you, the customer, and your existing team to produce high quality Android products.


Using industry best-practices and years of experience in creating Android products, we know how to create high-quality solutions that will delight your users.

Kotlin and Java friendly

We work directly with the Android platform in either Kotlin or Java, as per your preference


We believe in creating solutions that are maintainable going forwards. This means you'll get more milage out of your codebase, without having to factor in the expensive re-write later.

Our services

We provide the following services, as per your requirements;

  • Full lifecycle Android development services, from project inception to delivery to continued maintenance
  • Resource backfill working on your product with your existing team, to plug team resource gaps
  • Maintenance of an existing product, for example to fix bugs, add new features or to bring it in line with modern Android standards
  • Review of your existing codebase, to make recommendations on how to proceed onwards
  • Mentoring of members of your existing team, e.g. junior developers or developers cross-training in to Android development
  • Write automated tests against your product to ensure product quality and to prevent regression of quality
  • Application wire-framing, to help get an app idea off the ground
  • General Android consultancy services
  • And more

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Available worldwide.

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